Our journey

We are really good at what we do, even in the most demanding projects. Mainly because we are easy to work with. After all, we Prefer to work the way you Prefer.

Our founder and director Martijn Verhoeven has been in the industry since before it was an industry. In The Netherlands he co-founded in 1995 the first full service digital agency, establishing the industry and growing the company to one of the top 5 agencies in the country in 2010. Since 2011 Martijn has been diligently working towards that same goal applying the same focus on smarter solutions, people’s strengths, full service and hard work. Currently Prefer is a known agency with renowned clients and around 10 staff.

Our motivation

We draw motivation from our core values. We inspire everyone around us to challenge the status quo, invent and create new ideas and adapt to today's reality.

Our Expertise

Our expertise spans not only continents, it also spans each and every aspect of the digital solution landscape. Our work is concentrated in three expert areas that go hand in hand.

  • Conversational artificial intelligence provides our customers the most sophisticated engagements possible.
  • Application development creates user friendly and future proof solutions.
  • Website creation and online marketing makes it shine in the market.

The areas of expertise we cover daily are vast. With our experienced team we have expertise in every one of these areas and we do not hesitate to share this with you.

Our insights

Insights are our way of keeping you up to date. A way of patching your knowledge. Consider it a way to bring you up to date fast. Like a speed update. We keep our insights short and powerful, loaded with facts, debunking the myths and garnished with opinion. Interested in hearing more about a certain topic? Get in touch.

From brainstorm, research, design and prototyping to production and delivery, let's create memorable conversations.

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