Application Design: Does your business need an app?

Application Design

Many of our customers ask us about application design. Choosing between developing a custom app vs. designing a responsive mobile website is a bit like trying to choose the right tools for a home improvement project.

You won’t get anywhere using a paintbrush to pound nails into plywood. Likewise, a hammer won’t fix the plumbing.

Will application design benefit your customers?

It may be rather easy to discern which tools you need on a construction site, but some businesses find it difficult to decide if an app is a good idea. Your customers must see a clear benefit for themselves before they install an app.

If the only benefit is to your company, mobile responsiveness is the better choice. In other cases, an app makes more sense – like needing access to a phone’s on-device features.

Sometimes you need both

You can always decide to use both an app and a responsive website.

Of course, each business is different. At Prefer, we don’t make sweeping generalisations about whether apps are always better than responsive websites or vice versa.

Instead, we get to know each of our customers, their business goals, and their budgets. That way we can offer a recommendation that’s unique to your business. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with application design.


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