New Zealand Post’s point-to-point courier service, Pace, needed a solution to experiment with on-demand delivery in a growing market.


As a large organisation with well-established logistics capabilities, building on their existing services provided a natural compatibility with the on-demand economy, but NZ Post needed to make sure they were providing a different solution, not a duplicate service. The project was funded in phases as it evolved, starting with a prototyping phase and some key target audiences to get on board with the project. Ultimately for NZ Post, adding this service would broaden the relevance of their delivery and logistics business model to a broader audience.

Multi API integration

The BringIt project required the careful orchestration of many integrations and – services, including Google Maps, Payment Express and Stripe along with NZ Post’s own APIs. It was essential for us to understand the challenges of an effective delivery business, so we worked closely with the couriers to improve their experiences with key information and problematic deliveries.


In the market since spring of 2015, this mobile first, cross-platform web application is still successfully run and operated in-house by Prefer without interruption. Service level and availability have consistently exceeded client expectations through multiple upgrades, helping the client gain worldwide media exposure on television, news websites and Time magazine. Casual users and major international companies are fuelling more than 2500 deliveries each month are a testament to success of BringIt – most of them new businesses to the Post ecosystem – and the open REST API has been successfully integrated by enterprise-grade clients.