If development takes a lot of your energy we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right, would we? That is why a development phase with Prefer is the part where you get to kick your feet up whilst we truck along with getting the results you require. Being there for questions and a regular check in as the product owner is all that is required whilst we step forward.

  • Step 1: Prepare rapid development
    • Setup accounts and systems.
    • Establish the fastest development roadmap.
    • Assign the right resources
  • Step 2: Create the magic code
    • Write test scripts & code.
    • Run automated tests.
    • Peer review and quality control.
    • Integration into codebase.
  • Step 3: Testing & Quality control
    • Test the whole application
    • User experience refinements
    • User acceptance test
  • Step 4: Deploying & launching
    • Launch preparations
    • Launch
    • Post launch quality control

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