Knowing what the expected outcome is gives you a point to work towards. In four steps we help you set a course and put the dot at the horizon.

  • Step 1: Identify the core objective
    • What does the business require?
    • Who are the internal stakeholders?
    • What is a valuable outcome?
  • Step 2: Who are you doing this for?
    • Who are your intended users?
    • What are their demographics?
    • What are their expectations?
  • Step 3: How can we achieve this?
    • Which tools are required?
    • What should be shared and collected?
    • What are future expectations?
  • Step 4: Feature list and prioritisation
    • Need to haves
    • Nice to haves
    • Set priorities

Plot my course

We are here to help you set a course for success.

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