Artificial intelligence branding: The future of advertising

artificial intelligence branding

IBM’s Watson and other artificial intelligences (AIs) can now mimic the personality of someone long dead or invent new episodes of old sitcoms. How will artificial intelligence impact branding in the future?

AI everywhere

AI seems to be seeping into our daily lives now – with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. They stand ever-ready to answer questions about the weather or the nearest sushi restaurant.

Bringing Ogilvy back to life

In research labs, AI is becoming even more powerful. IBM’s supercomputer Watson created an interactive personality for advertising legend David Ogilvy. Oh, did we mention that he’s been dead for almost 18 years? No matter. Watson analysed hand-picked excerpts from Ogilvy’s published works. From there, the supercomputer was able to coherently answer a list of curated questions about his approach to advertising. You can see Watson in action in this video:

Creating television scripts on the fly

In a similar test, an AI research project from University of Leeds analysed 200 episodes of the sitcom Friends. Afterwards, the AI was able to create new scenes for the sitcom using its knowledge of the characters . (Of course, this achievement begs the question of whether the world truly needs more hijinks from Joey and Phoebe, but we’ll give that a pass for now.)

Even more amazing? It can take as little as 3,500 words for an AI to create a personality.

Artificial intelligence branding goes beyond chatbots

If you’ve interacted with a company’s support chatbot on Twitter, you’ve already seen a primitive AI in action.

However, experiments like IBM’s foretell how AI will inevitably revolutionise advertising. Specifically, artificial intelligence branding technology will open the door for truly interactive branding. It will have the ability to develop actual one-on-one relationships with customers. As a result, an artifical brand personality could talk directly to customers, tell compelling stories, and offer services based on its assessments of the customer’s need.

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