Association of Salaried Medical Specialists

Association of Medical Specialists

We started working with the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) when they transferred their site to us from a different provider. The organisation provides news, services, advice and resources for medical professionals in New Zealand. One major service provided by the site is a job listing portal of employment opportunities for qualified medical specialists. Job listings are booked, published and paid for by employers online and invoicing is linked to Xero for ease of management. Job seekers can also contact prospective employers and apply for the jobs directly from the site.

ASMS was keen to engage with Prefer as a web partner to provide advice and ideas for refining the site offerings on an ongoing basis. As part of this work we have improved and expanded on much of the original site, including rebuilding their jobs API to extend its functionality and fix existing issues. We’ve also helped them better manage mailing lists and newsletter and event engagement with their members. Most importantly, we were also able to identify and address key security issues that were hidden in their original build. Through our ongoing support and maintenance, we help simplify and improve the task of managing this complex site that ASMS members rely on daily.