Bad content (or ‘How to spoil a great website’)

Bad content internet kitten

You went to a lot of trouble to build an amazing website from your amazing brand. Your agency even made you Supreme Ruler with a CMS so you could make changes on the fly. And then, hoping to save some cash, you went to every ‘free image’ supplier you could find and spoiled it all with bad content.

Bad content means more cost

If you’re like some people, you figure you’ll save a few bucks by doing your own photography. And because no one knows your business like you do you’ll write the copy, too. With respect, we beg you to reconsider.

The time and effort you put into your new site with all the most current features and functionality was no small feat. But it will all be a waste if your site content just screams ‘amateur’. Those website bells and whistles won’t sell your products or services (unless, of course, you’re a bells or whistles manufacturer). They may contribute to the overall look and feel or user experience, but the main thing that communicates your brand and makes an impression on the user is the language, tone and visual impression your site makes. And if bad content compromises your credibility, you’ll lose sales.

There may be a lot more economy than you think in working with professionals. Professional copywriters, proofreaders and photographers do come with costs. But for the massive value they add to your brand equity it’s worth the extra spend. Beyond the fancy lighting equipment or word count analysis, your decision to work with professionals will be an investment in the trusted image and longevity of your brand.

Fortunately, we can work with you to banish bad content. Get in touch.