Website Development: When websites go bad


Much like a teenager, website development is going through a bit of a phase. In a sea of “Material Design” and “Flat Design” restrictions, some businesses are bucking the trend. They’re creating websites so ugly that they’re cool. When intentionally bad design rebels against what’s popular, it can be considered ironically hip.

The allure of DIY website development

We get it. Startup funding, time constraints, or budgetary restrictions can find you thinking of ways to shortcut professional website development as a way to quickly slap up something – anything – to attract customers.

Blogging is free and mostly easy to use. You can find free image creation software as well as low-cost icon packs all over the web. Maybe your mate Liam in Accounting builds websites sites as a hobby and volunteered to do the job. As a result, it’s easy to believe that going DIY for your entire website is fair game.

Does your site reflect well on your company?

However, good business website development must meet a much higher bar for success than “easy and free.” Fads change quickly. Before you know it, your “ugly cool” design is no longer in vogue. Worse, you’re stuck with it until you can get some professional help.

Our advice is to hire people who know the difference between fads and innovations – like us. Give us a ring and we’ll get you sorted.


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