Creating for Google or your user – a balanced SEO approach

Balanced SEO

You understand the importance of SEO when it comes to users finding you. But once they get to your site, they should have the best experience you can give them. A balanced SEO solution is the answer.

A balanced SEO diet

Like all good providers of SEO services, we understand the importance of creating search engine-friendly copy, content and pages. Giving your site its best chance at top ten results for organic searches is still a high priority. But too often we see clients make decisions which will have negative effects on their overall site experience by only focusing on a strict SEO regiment. We think that moderation is a better approach.

Remember that search engines are mainly trying to get users to your site. Once they’re there, you also have to create an experience that makes them want to stay or come back. A heavy-handed approach to SEO copy which adds too many key words too many times will make for an unsatisfying reading experience for your user. Your user is there to learn about you. They shouldn’t have to wade through clumsy copy which is only catering to a search engine algorithm. That’s like only caring who comes through the storefront, not whether they enjoy being there or if they’ve bought something.

Once you have enticed someone to your website, a balanced SEO approach will work hand-in-hand with good UX, thoughtful brand presence and great content to keep them coming back. Incorporating SEO without compromising your message, tone or brand elements will yield the best overall results — from being easy to find to being inspired to engage. Ask us about how we can provide a good UX/SEO balance for you.