BDC in designing a bot for a contact center or support system

By now you should be familiar with our bot development canvas. How to develop your bot and tailor it to support you and your user’s every need.

Now say that you are a part of a banking company, and want to create a bot to assist your time conscious users with their day-to-day issues and queries. You will have to think about the type of customers that would be using your bot service.

Who is your user?

Firstly, an example is a stay at home parent. An avid smartphone user, but both time and money are limited due to only one income coming in, and the kids taking up a lot of time. So going into town for an appointment with the bank is looking next to impossible. By understanding these needs, you can tailor your bot to help aid these problems.

Secondly, is a small business owner. A tradesman who spends a fair bit of time driving from job to job, and is tight on money from starting the business. He needs his smartphone on him 24/7 to manage his workers. Although aside from work, he has little time for anything else. The key is to think how you can make life easier for specific demographics, as opposed to trying to cater the bot to every customer.

How can you fix their problems?

Now that you know whom your bot is going to be working for, you can plan out what it’s going to do, and how it’s going to do it. Some examples could be to allow your users to make direct debit transactions, block a lost card, request information about transactions and balances, and notify the bank about overseas travel. By creating a bot that can do all of this, you are keeping your customers happy and allowing them to get on with more important things such raising children with their full attention, and improving their business to optimize success.

But wait… there’s more?

Not only can you create your bot to support your target markets, but you can also plan out all the fundamentals of your bot development. Manage your objectives, expectations, budgets, inclusions and exclusions in one easy space for the best bot development outcomes.

For a downloadable copy of the complete bot development canvas click here