Digital Strategy: Which platform should you tackle first?

You’ve got your digital strategy nailed down. Sweet as! So, what’s next? How do you decide which platform to focus on first?

According to a study by Research New Zealand, there’s only one correct answer to that question: mobile first.

The study showed that over 70% of Kiwis own a smartphone. What’s more, they prefer their phones over other devices for accessing the internet.

Customers Expect Mobile-Friendly Sites

Focusing on smartphones first means making sure everything about your website is mobile-friendly.

You’ve been there yourself, right? Trying to read the itty-bitty text on an unresponsive web page. Forget about buying anything on it.

Your customers will experience the same frustration. Some may even switch to your competitors for a better mobile experience.

Your Digital Strategy Starts With Mobile

At Prefer, we understand the mobile market’s value. Let us help you develop your digital strategy by improving your customer’s mobile experience. Give us a ring to see how we can take your digital strategy to the next level.