Best website … 5 secrets

The best websites have more secrets than you think. It looks good, therefore it must be good. However there is more going on beneath the bonnet then you think. We’ve collated this list of things to consider when looking for a strong online presence.

You cannot “see” user experience.

It is easy to see something is broken but what if it is not broken just not working correctly. If you cannot see that it is broken how do you know it is not stopping your users from interaction or buying. Your users are not you. Their opinion is not yours and their way of interacting with your website is different from yours. The best websites monitoring the user’s experience.

Speed matters

When you look at your site you wait for it to appear, you are tasked with checking things and making sure it works. But people browsing the web do not have that task. Theirs includes your competitors. Every second delay decreases your conversion. Your darn cheap hosting might just be costing you. The best websites optimize for speed.

Traffic is nothing without conversion

Imagine having a shop. 100’s of people pass through but hardly any of them buys anything. You would probably not be a happy shop owner. Would you spend more on advertising or would you look at your shop. Same with your website. Generating traffic is although relevant not important. The best websites are focussed on conversion first. Make sure you get to a point where all visitors find what they need before you drive more traffic.

If it looks simple it’s probably well made

All the bells and whistles don’t make up for user happiness. The best websites have a clean and simple functionality for a purpose. Less is more. If you remove all the clutter people feel more confident in making decisions and engaging with your brand.

It is going to be obsolete

Now there’s a kicker. Image that. Not having to maintain a website anymore, and all because of chat bots. People love chat and have accepted chat bots. Just because they are simpler to operate and don’t require logins, passwords and app switching.