Bot Development Canvas: Designing a bot for internal usage

So far, bots have been used primarily as a customer service tool. They make customer experiences efficient, consistent and effective. Although, the extent of how bots are being used goes much further. What about internal use? We don’t often see how bots can be utilized inside a business. And you might be pleasantly surprised.

Designing a bot specifically for internal use may seem overwhelming. You might even see it as doing a disservice to your employees. However, its all in the way you implement it. How do you do this while keeping all parties happy? Simple. You use a bot development canvas. You can then successfully plan and implement a bot inside your business, while explicitly making sure that it’ll work as a compliment to your workers, not a replacement.

How will a bot work for internal usage?

Say you’re a manager of your business, and you currently spend a bit of time having to approve your employee’s travel arrangements. With the help of the bot development canvas, you can design a bot that can help your efficiency with just these things.

Then you can plan and design a bot that has the ability to keep a record of all of the travel requests your employees send you, including all of their start and end dates, where they intend to go, who they’re meeting with and lots of other important details. In addition, it can also allow you to send approval in real time to reduce wasted time and paperwork.

Will my bot take over my job?

What is left for me to do, you ask? That’s easy. All the things that aren’t getting done. Whether this is managing projects or starting an in-office well-being service. There’s no need for extra staffing. You have plenty of perfectly capable people at your fingertips already.

The result is no loss of your team and improved internal productivity in several aspects of your company. All from a single comprehensive bot development canvas. What’s not to like?

For a downloadable copy of the complete bot development canvas click here