Don’t clone your printed brand presence online

A printing press, not a Wordpress brand presence

You wouldn’t drive your car into the ocean expecting to be able to sail it… so why would you attempt to use your printed brand presence on your website?

Design with your brand presence for the best experience

Presumably, you’ve spent some time understanding who your audiences are and what they need. If so, you know that some comms channels are better suited for certain messages than others. Trying to make your website look like that 16 page glossy brochure you just had designed and printed doesn’t speak to brand consistency (or efficient resource development) like you may think. Sure, you need to keep your brand guidelines in mind in a web context. But we know that web audiences consume content different on a website. They want a more succinct and immediate means of feedback or connection — via contact forms, webchats or social media. You may think you can save money by re-using an exisiting solution, but if you force your site users into an unsatisfying online experience you risk driving them away. Where’s the cost savings in that?

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