Your online brand story is your most important connection

Telling your brand story

Your online brand story is more important than your offline one. Make sure you’ve done your brand justice in the place most people will experience it first.

Brand story = connection

If you’re unfamiliar with/confused about what your ‘brand story’ is, I’ll make it simple for you: it’s the human side of your brand. If you wanted your audience to know what your brand means to you (and them), how would you tell them? What language, imagery, emotion and impact would you want to convey? How would you make a connection with your audience? The answers to those questions are essentially what makes your brand story.

For some reason, businesses often think that the brand story isn’t a priority for their online presence. There’s a lot of excuses for that: ‘People just want to buy my product,’ or ‘I thought I should keep the website lean,’ or ‘I don’t believe in all that marketing bull, I just want to make money.’ Well, to be fair, if you’re telling yourself the last item, you’re probably not interested in a brand story anywhere, nevermind online. (Good luck with that.)

But the truth is, more often than not, the first contact you’ll make with your target audience is online. Whether it’s through an organic search, a social media link, or from a friendly reference, websites are now the primary storefront for most of us. If you can make that super crucial connection with them in that first meeting, you’ll have a much greater chance of keeping them with you for the long term.

Keeping it real

The web, unfortunately, can be a cold and competitive space. So when it comes to telling a brand story on your website, remember to stay focused on the human element. People may have got to your site because they liked your product or service offering, but they’ll stay there because you made a connection. If you can help your audience see you not as a faceless business, but a collection of people just like they are, your battle is half-won.

Focus on accessible language (get a copywriter and a professional photographer). Use warm, inviting images with people, not just things. Make direct and active links to your social media. For brand storytelling, good social media marketing is one of the most important tools you can use. All of your content should work together to tell people where you came from and where you hope to get. And most importantly, tell them how they can join you on your journey.