Should you buy Facebook ads to grow your website?

Facebook ads mobile

Social media promotion has been all the rage since its inception – but is it a successful way to spend your ad money? Should your business buy Facebook ads or invest in paid search?

Generally, the answer depends on where in the sales cycle where you want to reach your customers.

Facebook ads are like highly targeted billboards

Facebook ads raise awareness, get your name into the mental conversation in your customer’s head, and target extremely tight niche markets. One way to think about social media ads is that they’re like billboards that people can see on their way to visit a friend’s house.

Paid search is like getting shelf space at the dairy

Paid search can catch your customer much closer to the end of the sales cycle. They are actively seeking information and advice before purchasing. Furthermore, paid search gets your business into consideration against your competitors who may also show up in a customer’s search results.

Hybrid strategies are most popular

There’s no need to avoid one approach if you choose the other. A hybrid strategy is what we recommend most often. Give us a shout and we can help you come up with a great mix of promotional techniques tailored to your business.


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