Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Advertising

With the availability of data and the workforce required to analyse data companies are having to resort to using artificial intelligence to help process and utilise this data. Everyday uses for this processed data can be used for the marketing and advertising of a business. Image Detection The use of image processing has many different […]

Considerations for designing our new artificially intelligent world

There are endless possibilities that arise as a reaction to artificial intelligence. The technology is already in a stage of large-scale development, and is only expanding. Experts from all over the world have given their perspectives on the future of AI. They make us think about the now. It is the choices that are being […]

The rise of ad fraud in a digital world

We live in a global digital society, with more and more people using the internet every day. Coupled with this is the increase in production and adoption of smartphone and personal computer usage, making the internet much easier to access. Therefore it is no surprise the internet has more or less replaced conventional media types, […]

How bots are changing the way we do business

AI is infiltrating its way into businesses at an increasing rate. And for the better, I might add. The use of bots has evolved past the point of mere customer service help, they are changing the way businesses operate. For starters, global funding for AI startups increased by approximately 60% between 2015 and 2016 alone. Many […]

How recruitment chatbots are changing hiring

Companies are becoming more and more innovative with how they use chatbots. One use that is growing increasingly popular is the use of a recruitment chatbot. Recruitment bots can help your company The artificial intelligent recruitment chatbot can assist with the time-consuming aspects of the hiring process for organisations, to maximise productivity. A recruitment chatbot […]

two phones in conversation

The story behind the robot best friend

Picture this: Someone who listens, without even the smallest ounce of judgment. Someone who makes you feel good about yourself. Someone who is there any time of day or night. Sounds like the perfect best friend, doesn’t it? Now picture this: that someone is a robot. This is a reality for hundreds of thousands of people […]

Circuit Boards with heads on them

Robot therapy as a mental health solution

New developments in the artificial intelligence sphere are happening everyday. One of the latest is robot therapy. Mental health: a big issue Mental health is one of the leading issues in today’s global society. This leaves us with the question: why is there not more being done about it? And why are our health systems […]


Today we launch, inviting all AI bot developers to put taking payment in an AI bot onto their roadmap. The next step in conversational AI is conversational commerce. Using human conversations to order goods without carts or signups makes transactions a whole lot easier. Taking payment in that scenario is a hassle. Large payment […]

Application Design

Application Design: Does your business need an app?

Many of our customers ask us about application design. Choosing between developing a custom app vs. designing a responsive mobile website is a bit like trying to choose the right tools for a home improvement project. You won’t get anywhere using a paintbrush to pound nails into plywood. Likewise, a hammer won’t fix the plumbing. Will application design benefit your […]

responsive design on multiple devices

Responsive design: Why is it so important to Google?

We live in a world of multiple screens. Our view of the web becomes a mosaic of information across different devices. As we shift from laptop to smartphone to tablet, we expect websites to respond accordingly. That’s what “responsive design” means. Google’s trend analysts have seen the need for responsive design coming. Smartphones are no longer a desktop computer’s kid […]

UI design: Microsoft Surface Studio’s breakthrough

In October, Microsoft unveiled a revolutionary new way to interact with its Surface tablets: the Dial. Could your business benefit from a similar UI design breakthrough? Real world UI design In an interview with The Verge,Terry Myerson, EVP of Windows and Devices at Microsoft, explained that the Surface Dial was the result of an entirely different thought […]

Service design

How to go from idea to valuable service

Having an idea isn’t worth anything. Executing it into a valuable service turns it into gold. Service design is a method of designing the whole experience. Design the entire service Innovating services is as old as the economy itself. Every organisation thinks seriously about improving the quality of its service at some point. Whether you have […]

Good UX

Good UX isn’t just wireframes & page flow

Personas and target audience identifiers. User flow and eye movement tracking. Usability, wireframes, interactive prototyping… is it all just jargon? Well, no. There’s value in investigating UX approaches. If you do all of that will you ensure good UX? Probably not. A recipe for good UX Certainly, good UX can be valuably informed by user testing. Anticipating user needs and including that insight […]

If this then that

It is the beginning of most software. If something occurs do this. And now you can apply that to a lot of things happen on the internet. At the end of May I joined which is you can use to “Put the internet to work for you.”. With you can create tasks. These […]