Conversational AI

Educating a nation on AI

Lots of things are happening with regards to AI in the world. Most countries want to be acknowledged as a leader in the field by 20 something. How to achieve that? One country is taking a bold move by trying to educate the population on AI.  In The Netherlands, the National AI Course aims to […]

Last use case: BDC in designing a bot for a retail business

Here we have the last example of our bot development canvas in practice. This example surrounds how you can develop a bot for your retail business. Designing a bot, in general, can be an overwhelming process. You may even see it as an unattainable outcome for your company. However, it’s all in the way you […]

Bot Development Canvas: Designing a bot for internal usage

So far, bots have been used primarily as a customer service tool. They make customer experiences efficient, consistent and effective. Although, the extent of how bots are being used goes much further. What about internal use? We don’t often see how bots can be utilized inside a business. And you might be pleasantly surprised. Designing a bot specifically […]

Welcome to your new call centre operator – a chatbot

There are many predictions that artificial intelligence will displace routine and rule-based roles in areas such as call centre operators, accounting, law services and financial analysis. With the enormous strides made in natural language processing  (think Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant), call centre roles are likely to be handed over to chatbots sooner than we […]

BDC in designing a bot for a contact center or support system

By now you should be familiar with our bot development canvas. How to develop your bot and tailor it to support you and your user’s every need. Now say that you are a part of a banking company, and want to create a bot to assist your time conscious users with their day-to-day issues and […]

Introducing the Bot Development Canvas: a new framework

Creating a bot can be a tiresome process, often not leading to your desired outcomes. More often than not, this is due to improper planning and implementation. To help overcome this, Prefer has come up with a framework to help you develop a plan so that you can make your bot the best it can […]

The bot development canvas step by step guide

The idea of developing and implementing a chatbot into your business can be very overwhelming. That’s why we have put together a step by step guide for planning your bot development using our new bot development canvas. Firstly, you will need to download a copy of the bot development canvas to fill out. You can […]

Circuit Boards with heads on them

Robot therapy as a mental health solution

New developments in the artificial intelligence sphere are happening everyday. One of the latest is robot therapy. Mental health: a big issue Mental health is one of the leading issues in today’s global society. This leaves us with the question: why is there not more being done about it? And why are our health systems […]

Zwerm, bot force management to reshape enterprise customer engagement

Prefer is proud to be the developer of New Zealand’s first public platform to manage a swarm of conversational robots, which allows organisations to improve their customer engagement using robots rapidly. Wellington, August 15th, 2018 – Zwerm Limited released an “artificial intelligent bot management platform” called Zwerm. Zwerm enables businesses to focus on conversations with […]

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We all have feelings for robots

Us humans are emotional creatures. We can’t help it. We feel emotion toward both other beings, and material things too. This includes robots. Yep, we have feelings for robots. Fictional feelings Before you disregard what I’m saying, I’m going to reach out to all those Star Wars fans out there. Have a quick think about […]

Prefer presents on conversational AI at MOH Health Tech Hui

Prefer was invited to present at the MOH as part of an emerging technology initiative called Health Tech Hui. An engaged audience from a cross section of functions were treated to 3 presentations: Prefer: Conversational AI applications in healthcare Intela AI: An introduction to AI and applications in healthcare Volpara: Combining image processing with Machine […]

Managing Bot Proliferation

Having an AI bot is the new and trendy thing these days. Organisations all over the world are deploying one or even multiple bots. And that is also when their problems start. You start losing data from day one. When you start with a simple bot built on an existing platform, you can quickly test concepts […]

Voice assistant to pack your suitcase

The Dutch Airline KLM launched a smart voice assistant that helps passengers pack their suitcase using Google Home. It is a way to find out how customers engage voice-controlled systems not necessarily a core part of their business. If you have a Google Home or Google Assistant (check your phone if you have an Android 5 […]

Voice commerce is still in its infancy?

Amazon sold many smart Echo Dot speakers on Cyber Monday as reported proudly. We do not hear much about the services provided though. Echo Dot sold particularly well because the product was sharply discounted, to around US$30 (NZ$43). With Echo Dot you can select music using your voice, request information and buy from Amazon. That is […]

Are you Amazon Alexa ready?

With the imminent arrival of the first home assistant in New Zealand early 2018, the launch of Amazon shopping services to these shores and the expected rapid release of Google’s offering following Amazon the question whether your organisation is ready for this is getting very relevant. The home assistants often used are Amazon Alexa and […]

Managing Your First AI Bot

You have heard about artificial intelligence and bots and are looking to see if one would be helpful for your organisation? Our afternoon seminar helps you get started with the journey. Working with a bot for your organisation is an exciting journey. A journey that takes you into new and uncharted territory. During our seminar […]

Robot - Chatbot

Chatbots? To bot or not to bot.

Chatbots are the newest trend but what do they do for you? With more than two billion monthly users Facebook is a great place to connect with your customers. But is this the right time to do so? When you look at the latest numbers you see that web and social media are surpassed by […]

artificial intelligence branding

Artificial intelligence branding: The future of advertising

IBM’s Watson and other artificial intelligences (AIs) can now mimic the personality of someone long dead or invent new episodes of old sitcoms. How will artificial intelligence impact branding in the future? AI everywhere AI seems to be seeping into our daily lives now – with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. They stand ever-ready to answer questions about […]