Ackama Group acquires AI and chatbot company, Prefer

Ackama Group, a technology company based in Wellington, Auckland and Melbourne, have just bought AI and chatbot company Prefer. Prefer has been around in Wellington for several years, providing services to well known clients such as the Royal Society Te Apārangi, Absolute IT, Madison Recruitment, Smart Payroll and New Zealand Post. The company, including all […]

How voice search differs from text search and why you should care

Voice search is slowly taking over text search as our key way to find information. We have outlined the differences and the significance of this continuing change, and essentially why you should care about it. Speed The average person can type between 38-40 words per minute but can peak 110-150 words per minute. So it […]

face in wood

We all have feelings for robots

Us humans are emotional creatures. We can’t help it. We feel emotion toward both other beings, and material things too. This includes robots. Yep, we have feelings for robots. Fictional feelings Before you disregard what I’m saying, I’m going to reach out to all those Star Wars fans out there. Have a quick think about […]

the expert

The expert

Sometimes the interwebs creates little gems which are all too familiar. Some are parodies others are painfully close to the truth. In either case they do make us laugh. The Expert is one by Lauris Beinerts after an original short story “The Meeting” (in Russian).

market validation

Why you shouldn’t skip market validation for a new product

You’ve come up with an awesome business idea and you’re ready to hit the market with it. Cheers, mate, good on ya! But wait – are you sure there’s a group of people who want your product/service? Just having a great idea isn’t enough. You need to find out if the people who need your widget can […]

workplace diversity maori

Prefer strives for workplace diversity – come work for us!

Most New Zealand employees (58%) would like to see more diversity in their coworkers. At Prefer, we’ve always been committed to modeling business best practices – and workplace diversity is no different. Workplace diversity is good for business Many studies have shown that workforce diversity improves almost every aspect of business. That means hiring a crew […]

International Color Award-Abstract-Servian-Nick

Cheers to Nick Servian, Winner of International Color Awards!

Congratulations to one of our partners, New Zealand photographer Nick Servian! The International Color Awards nominated 10 of his outstanding photos, including two Honorable Mention awards. Servian’s award-winning photos Nick was presented with Honorable Mention awards during a live-streamed Photoshow on 4 March 2017. Check out these two award-winning beauties! In addition, eight more of Nick’s photos also […]


What is API and what can it do for your business?

What is API? You see it in tech headlines but unless you’re a developer there’s a good chance you don’t know how API integrations could enhance your business. Here’s what you need to know. API stands for application program interface. APIs are pieces of code used as shortcuts that allow programs to interact with each other. Think […]

content strategy

Creating a content strategy that adds value for your customers

The days of clickbait are long gone. To get noticed today, your business must create content that adds value for your customer. Here’s what that means for your content strategy. What is content strategy? Content strategy is about providing the right content, to the right people, at the right times – for the right reasons. —Content Marketing […]


Branding: What’s the difference between a logo and a brand?

Most people use the words “logo” and “branding” interchangeably. However, for designers, the difference is significant – and both can have a big impact on your business. Branding is the big idea The simplest difference between a brand and a logo comes down to this: a logo is a literal image – a design you can see. […]

startup strategy new zealand

Why New Zealand is a startup’s dream come true

If your startup is headquartered in New Zealand, then your business strategy is already on the the right track. That’s because being located “down under” has started to mean that you’re already “on top.” Kiwi businesses are booming According to analytical firm CB Data, tech investments in New Zealand and Australia based startups are now eight times what they were in 2008. Angel […]

Digital Strategy: Which platform should you tackle first?

You’ve got your digital strategy nailed down. Sweet as! So, what’s next? How do you decide which platform to focus on first? According to a study by Research New Zealand, there’s only one correct answer to that question: mobile first. The study showed that over 70% of Kiwis own a smartphone. What’s more, they prefer […]

Brainstorming: 7 strategies to supercharge ideation sessions

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh the thinks you can think up if you only try!” — Dr. Seuss Every type of business can benefit from regular ideation sessions. Brainstorming can help you solve problems, sure, but it can also come up with creative product features, marketing campaigns, charity drives, cost-cutting […]

Creating a dynamic brand — in every sense of the word

Stereotype: the hardest client you have to design for is yourself. Truism: sometimes stereotypes exist because they’re true. Case study: our dynamic brand – truly responsive design When we set ourselves to create a new brand for Prefer it was, like all self-focused creative projects, a daunting task. We are always our worst clients at the start — demanding, opinionated, self-righteous, ego-driven […]

Good strategy

Good strategy: scattershot or targeting makes a difference.

You may have an established brand, but without good strategy targeted to your audience your offer may be missed by your most valuable clients. You can’t be all things to all people. And if you have a good strategy, you shouldn’t try. You’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and (no doubt) countless tears into building a viable […]

free domain names

Free domain names, good eh?

Having a domain name seems easy. After all domain names are “free”. But when your domain name changes are done wrong you have serious business interruption. Domain names are keys to your store On the internet domain names are the key to your store. They make sure your users can find you on the web […]

Fail fast: not your best option

Fail fast… are you serious?

Whether you call it ‘fail fast’, ‘fail forward’ or even ‘fail better’… it’s all rubbish. After all, you tend to hit what you aim for. That’s just a way of trying to excuse an expected failure due to lack of preparation. If failing is such a good method, why do smart people spend any time on a plan? Because avoiding […]

Service is paramount

Product or service — which do you Prefer?

It’s often thought that the only way to create real value is by creating good products. But there are plenty of situations in which it makes perfect sense to develop a service business. Service as a business is a very valid option Services can build the bridge between a product and a business. There are plenty of great products […]

User experience

Train yourself to see through a ‘user experience’ lens

One of the hardest things to do with your own site is to see it as if you were a new user. It’s difficult to imagine what it’s like to be fresh from the search engine trenches, making your way through a completely new site experience and hoping to find what you’re looking for. User experience role-playing The […]

Online partner

An online partner, consultant to your organisation

Most of us have a family doctor, an insurance broker, a mortgage expert. Organisations have accountants, lawyers, HR experts — people to trust and consult for advice. An online partner for your web requirements is just as valuable. An online partner provides… Organisations with an online partner consult them on anything that relates to their internet presence. This trusted adviser helps […]

To create bespoke or not

Develop or configure

When creating online solutions there are two ways to go about it. One is using an existing product and the other is developing bespoke technology.  Understanding the difference is crucial. Configuring a system is not development When you configure a system, e.g. a content management system like WordPress or Joomla, you use existing tools like add-ons, […]

CMS vs application development

When a CMS is not the right solution

Often choosing a CMS solution is actually wrong. When your requirements include specific user stories and addressing those needs it’s most likely wrong. In that situation, application development is the better solution. Application development is your better option Clients want predictability, cost effectiveness, good and future proof solutions… among a thousand other things. The assumption is that you get more when you […]

System integration

System integration is a cost saver

The cost of system integration is easy to measure. Building more integrations saves your business money. Use the robots for what they are good at! If you can automate, automate! Competition is at a level where either you capitalise on an opportunity today or your competitor will tomorrow. The question whether automation is worth it […]

Bad content internet kitten

Bad content (or ‘How to spoil a great website’)

You went to a lot of trouble to build an amazing website from your amazing brand. Your agency even made you Supreme Ruler with a CMS so you could make changes on the fly. And then, hoping to save some cash, you went to every ‘free image’ supplier you could find and spoiled it all with bad content. Bad content […]

Engaging content

Using engaging content to activate the user

Engaging content, call to actions and social activation. The web revolves around user activation and the right content does exactly that. Ready… set…. GO! If you want people to act you need to get in their mindset. You have to create content that relates to them. It is not enough to look at things from your perspective. Engaging […]

fun at work

Fun at Work? Boom! Rock!

The best parts of work are always the extracurricular parts… the icing on the cake! Leaving all your worries behind and reconnecting with your team mates. Last time we needed a break we went to Boomrock. Why, you ask? Well… have a look! Boomrock will make you do things you have never done before and […]

A great team

Building a great team is one of the nicest things to do. Seeing people get an understanding of each other, nutting out processes and building a team together is one of the most interesting dynamics in an agency. So what makes up our great team? We are a high trust team On the wall of […]

Digital strategy

A digital strategy, what is that about?

A digital strategy seems to be the most relevant thing to have these days. Companies talking about it, agencies selling it, advisers suggesting it and investors looking for it. So if it’s so important what’s it all about? Digital strategy = identifying opportunities A digital strategy is a plan to use digital channels to engage with your audience. There are […]

Market validation

Market validation, is your strategy any good?

Having a plan is one thing, having the right plan is something else completely. Ensure you start running in the right direction by validating your strategy. Market validation shows the strength of your plans. A strategy is only as good as its evidence When you create a strategy you do your research. You draw, plot, sketch, […]

Your site’s true value is in your content plan

You might think that when you’ve finally got your flash new website up and running that you can sit down, put your feet up and admire your hard work. By all means, do that. But not without a content plan.  A content plan builds your site’s equity Firstly, don’t think of your site as a shiny new car you just drove off […]

Waiting is not an activity

How frustrating can it be to try and get things done. Some seemingly simple things can drag on for weeks. Just try and get a few things done with large organisations and you will quickly find out waiting is considered an activity.

We’re hiring

In the wake of a very quiet period over Christmas we are starting to look at the next year. We are looking to get a few people on board to service our ever increasing number of lovely clients. If you know anyone who might be interested to move into the next role let us know […]

Recruiter Rules of Engagement in Meetups

A recruitment channel that is gaining popularity among job seekers and recruiters alike are meetups. Meetup is an online platform wherein people with common interests plan and organize a local group meetup where members can meet face-to-face and share their thoughts and ideas about something they are interested in and enjoy. Over 9,000 groups from […]

Employee Attachment and Onboarding

Employee Attachment and Onboarding

Do you often find yourself expecting to let go of a new hire within a month or two of employment? This is not good practice for any business as it costs a lot of time, effort and money. What is Onboarding? Onboarding is the process wherein a company conveys its brand and values to new […]

What Is A Mobile-Friendly Website And Why Is It Important?

With a wide variety of high-tech gadgets available, internet users now do not just access websites from a desktop PC or laptop. We now have net books, smart phones, tablets and even home theater displays. This poses a challenge to businesses as to how they can make user experience good on as many devices as […]

Twitter As A Recruitment Tool

You can still find more traditional recruiters would prefer not to use Twitter as a recruiting tool. “It is just a space for young people who say whatever they want in 140 characters.”

exciting projects

Exciting projects going on

It has been a bit quiet here. But for a good reason! We have a few very interesting projects we are working on and that is taking up more of our time then expected. Still a bit hush hush as we are looking to launch something from scratch. Nevertheless busy times. Stay tuned, news will […]

Thanks for a great 2013

What a year this was.  Prefer has taken off and we have some stunning passengers! Too many people to thank but what have we’ve done. Started a new venture, got half a dozen clients, leased an office, sponsored two events (thanks for the opportunity Phillip) , built a prototype of a new product we hope […]

Forums As Recruitment Channel

Forums As Recruitment Channel

Are you still using old-fashioned techniques, such as newspaper ads and job search websites, when searching for candidates for job openings in your company? There is nothing wrong in using traditional strategies, but you can further expand your reach by utilizing the internet to your advantage. By expanding your reach, you boost your chances in […]

The Benefits of Online Recruitment

3 Benefits of Online Recruitment

With the technology available to us now, more and more hiring managers are turning to the internet for top quality candidates. This type of recruitment is online recruitment. Over the last decade, there has been a meteoric rise in the use of online recruitment. Why are companies using this kind of recruitment? 3 Benefits The […]


Recruiting Through Meetups

The task of a recruiter is not just to post a job and wait until someone applies. Rather, it is the recruiter’s task to, in collaboration with the hiring manager, determine the best channel of recruitment for a certain job so the posting can attract the right candidates. To do this, the recruitment channel chosen […]

Importance of SEO Recruitment

Why is SEO recruitment important?

Online recruitment is not just about posting a job and waiting for applicants to send their resumes. If you want to hire top talent, you must be able to find a company’s job postings. This is where recruitment SEO comes in. Recruitment SEO is the use of search engine optimization in the recruitment industry. This is utilized by […]

Benefits of Using Video Interviews

Benefits of Video Interviews

In a research conducted by the Office Team back in 2012, it was found out that 63% of over 500 companies with more than 20 staff has a hiring manager who uses video interviews more often. This only goes to show that the use of video interviews is now a huge part of the HR […]

Consumers do not want to friend a brand

Most people do not want to be friends with brands. If they do it is to get coupons, discounts or relevant information. A research conducted by VODW Digital and Marketresponse in The Netherlands shows: 1. Mosts CMO’s questioned consider Facebook a priority. A tool to have consumers and clients co-shape the direction of products and services […]

Finding Candidates Through Candidates

With the technology available to us today, the traditional hiring process is made much easier, faster and more cost-effective. Recruiters can simply go online and search for a candidate instantly. But that hardly ever returns the right candidate without much effort. After all the easy access is a beaten trail. Search engines do not always […]

Using Videos for Recruitment

Using videos for recruitment starts making more and more sense. Not only is the cost of video creation in reach for a lot of organisations the effect of more traditional media is slacking. A couple of years ago, it was found that the average cost per hire reached $5,000 and it took recruiters about 45 […]

Why You Should Hire For Attitude, Not Skill

It is a surprising fact that 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months in a job. What is more shocking is that more than 80% of those who fail within 18 months leave the company or are fired due to their attitude and not their lack of skill. These facts are backed […]

Candidate Experience

Recently a lot has been talked about candidate experience. Everyone keeps saying that if you do it right you get the results. And that is why we like to apply marketing and e-commerce on the candidate experience. We track and follow candidate behavior just like a good e-commerce site closely follows the behavior of the […]

Using SEO in Recruitment

With the dawn of the digital age, almost everything can now be found online – including a pool of talents waiting to be recruited. This is the reason why recruiting companies have expanded in the virtual world to build a strong list of qualified candidates. Aside from the use of job boards, LinkedIn, content distribution […]

Real People, Online World: Reaching Out to an Online Audience

Are you searching for a particular product or service? Do you need to contact someone immediately? All easy with all the high-tech gadgets available in the market. If you need information or need to talk to someone, all you need to do is to turn your mobile phone, tablet or laptop on and get connected […]

Recruitment through Adwords

Have you ever wondered why there is an increasing number of recruiters that are now turning to Google AdWords for candidates? There are many advantages to using Google AdWords. These advantages include, but are not limited to: Rapidly deployable search engine advertising An emphasis is made on a company’s corporate recruitment marketing brand Easily adjustable […]

Making an Impact with Online Videos

It is noticeable that more and more companies are now making use of online videos to interact with their customers. Not only is this a fast and less expensive way to reach out to an audience, but it is also a very good strategy to make a brand known in a less traditional and fun […]


What motivates us

I am a great believer of so called explainer videos. In it a concept is explained in something like 60 seconds. Or in this great example a whole book or concept is explained in 10 minutes. 

Why we were “offline”

It’s not really recruitment but it certainly is part of being online. Being vulnerable to attacks and hacks. So what happened to us today?

recruitment communication

Recruitment vs. Marketing Communication 2/2

In part one we looked at why Recruitment communication is a very high involvement decision for people. In this part we’re looking at how that influences your market strategy and candidate behavior. 

The Friday SOSU Report

This week the Friday Morning Report is about SOSU. A great event held yesterday in Auckland. Still buzzing with the inspiration I took home. 

Youtube recruiting

Youtube as Recruitment channel

We all know the examples of recruitment videos. More than once featured here. Buy Hirerabit.com has made a great infographic about YouTube as a hiring instrument. 

Friday Morning Report – May 17, 2013

Busy times, busy weeks. And it shows. Only one article this week. Nevertheless the Friday Morning report is here! This week a bunch of interesting things. Oh and do you all have your tickets for SOSUNZ ready?

value of mobile

Value of mobile

If you are still in doubt whether communicating with your target audience via mobile is an economic choice have a look at this. 

More numbers

We love numbers and gut feeling. Gut feeling to give direction, numbers to support choices and validate the course. This week has shown some really great gut feeling and the numbers to support them are great.

Prefer supports Sourcing Summit NZ

We are proud to support the Sourcing Summit NZ. The Sourcing Summit (#SOSU) started in Sydney in 2011. The aim of the event was to highlight the growing importance of sourcing and to bring together sourcing practitioners to network and learn from each other. Now in 2013, SOSU is coming to New Zealand, to be held […]

Facebook loosing significant traction?

We have heard it all before, Facebook is huge and Facebook loosing traction! And both is a true fact. There’s also Social Media Fatigue. People being fed up with the constant stream of so-called information. But what of it is true?

Essie Oaw? Yes SEO

What the heck are they talking about Essie Oaw? Yes SEO. Search Engine Optimization, a totally misunderstood or at least under appreciated art! For starters SEO is not a “one-off” activity. “We have optimized our site.” You know what, the competition is starting today and they are aiming for you.

Stunning Recruitment Site from Pon.

It is a known fact that recruitment sites are more and more important as a results of the growing job hunt through search engines. Brands are providing more  user experience in their digital recruitment approach and jobsatpon.com is one such a great example.

Friday morning report: Case study

UPDATED: This weeks Friday Morning Report is a case study of great intentions gone wrong. The Swedish Army’s recruitment site. They won an FWA award and if you know anything about online then you know that the FWA and the Webby’s is what it is about.  Still, gone wrong.


Search, reverse engineered

Finding the right candidates is not always easy. You search and search and search and the same results turn up. How to flip your approach and get different results.

book recommendations

Friday Morning Report – April 19, 2013

This week again lots going on. Mostly talking about a cool project we are working on. Besides that we obviously picked a few of the best things online for you. This week it’s the “lets-cuddle-up-next-to-the-fireplace-it’s-school-holiday-and-autumn-edition”

Cognitive dissonance

In hiring like in any purchasing decision people go through a process of finding reasons why their choice was a good one. Cognitive dissonance. But how does that influence us in recruiting and hiring?

Results are in!

The results are in for this week’s analytics. And we’re happy with them. Apparently you like what we do.

smartphone growth

Things are moving this fast!

We hear that media consumption is changing rapidly and social media is taking over the world, everyone has a smart phone and so on. But is that really true?

candidate criteria

Select, but with reason.

In discussing selection criteria with managers I noticed that people find it hard to distinguish between the right and the wrong selection criteria. 

Application forms kill!

Whenever I see a huge and complicated application form I am always surprised. After all, selecting the right candidate is a bit like dating isn’t it? 

Friday morning report – March 29, 2013

It was an interesting week for us. We launched our new online magazine and had conversations with potential partners and clients. As of this week we publish regularly about the digital and social recruitment advertising space. Our Friday morning report is our ongoing column in which we try to show some yaw dropping examples of […]

creative CV

Apply like a boss!

We all know how hard it is for candidates to draw attention to their CV. And they all try, but this guy is a master.

skills gap

A gaping talent gap

Deloitte’s Talent Edge New Zealand 2013 is pretty clear. Skills gaps are hurting businesses already and it is getting worse! But there is a solution. 

digital badge

OpenBadges to show your skills

Mozilla started OpenBadges. The tag line they use is “Get recognition for skills you learn anywhere.” They hope to have created a new online standard to recognize and verify learning.

‘Sorry You’re Not Attractive Enough to Work Here.’

It happens. Not hiring, based on looks or clothes. For real! They won’t say it out loud but find a way around it. ‘Your personality does not fit the company culture’. or ‘Someone in this role is a representative of our brand.’ or any other lame excuse. I have seen it, heard it and always […]

staff retention

Staff retention

Retaining staff is always challenging as different personalities need different rewards (tangible and or intangible). Lot of times companies choose short term strategies by having pay raises which may contribute in retaining, but others may just need a…


The Best in Recruitment Advertising

Check out these winners announced last night at the Creative Excellence Awards, the leading awards program for the recruitment advertising/marketing field. You can see the visuals companies like Boeing, Walmart, PwC, Panera, Pfizer, Capital One, North York General Hospital, HP, and Life Technologies are using to attract candidates. Some of the ads you’ll see include […]

job title illustration

A job title is more

 Intrigued by a job title, I started reading the ad. The Job title was Interactive Account Director. After reading the first paragraph I was still not sure what this organisation (referred to as “our ambitious client”) thought an Interactive Account Director should be doing. So I reviewed the requirements but did not find anything that […]


Job Descriptions Or Just a Notification

I recently came across a job posting for an organization that was looking for a human resources business partner. It was intriguing so I clicked on to see what it was all about. As I continued to read on and review the minimum requirements, I saw requirement after requirement reeks of recruiter. I read on […]


Why a Social Media Presence Helps Retain Staff

The previous post emphasized the role of good cmmunication channels. Yet another compelling reason for having strong communication networks is employee retention.With the changing work culture in almost all expanding companies, “teamwork” can never be …

Google+ illustration

How Google+ will win from Facebook, Apple & Microsoft

I was thinking about how Google+ could blow the competition out of the water and I think they are thinking about such a plan. And all of a sudden it dawned on me. Google Apps. Some facts that I tried to align: Google Facebook Apple LinkedIn Microsoft Business software suite + N/A N/A N/A + […]