Web Design

Best website … 5 secrets

The best websites have more secrets than you think. It looks good, therefore it must be good. However there is more going on beneath the bonnet then you think. We’ve collated this list of things to consider when looking for a strong online presence. You cannot “see” user experience. It is easy to see something […]

5 steps to a super development partnership

5 steps to a super development partnership

Have you ever worked with a developer (or you developers, with a client) and wondered, “Why is this so hard?” We’re willing to bet you have. It happens more than we’d like. Whatever side of the supply chain you’re on, hopefully these five steps will help put you on path to a better, stronger development […]

Carousels: friend or foe?

Sliders, 5 reasons why not to use them

We have a lot of discussions with clients about how to make home pages look beautiful and engaging, provide memorable user experiences. Often the suggestion is to showcase as much gorgeous imagery as possible. The solution, you’re probably thinking, is obvious… add sliders or carousels! But alas, you may need to think again. Sliders are […]

SEO audit — is that for real?

An SEO audit offer says my site isn’t good. Is it true?

So you’ve had an offer from someone who has offered to do an SEO audit on your site. That audit, they say, will provide valuable and meaningful insight into your business and customers and promises to be a ‘game changer’. Should you be skeptical? Yes. First, though, let’s be clear: this probably isn’t a scam. […]

email list building

Fresh techniques for growing your email list

Conventional wisdom from online business experts is that your email list is your most important sales tool. But what if you’re stuck with a low subscriber count? How do you go about growing your email list? Here’s our roundup of some great techniques with evidence behind them. Update or repurpose your most popular content If your content is […]

accessible web design

Accessible Web Design: Don’t forget customers with disabilities

According to a recent government study, almost a quarter of New Zealanders are disabled – that’s about 1.1 million people. About half a million Kiwis have hearing, vision, problems or motor impairments. That means accessible web design critical. Is your website friendly to these potential customers? What is accessible web design? We’ve discussed why designing your website for mobile is a […]


Map your customer’s purchase path to grow your business

Growing your business means knowing your customer’s purchase path. Mapping each micro-step towards buying is critical for effective lead nurturing. “Who” vs. “How” You probably know exactly who your customers are – their demographics and the competitors they consider. You might also know some “psychographics” about them – e.g., they have 1,000+ employees (B2B) or they watch 10 hours of […]

social media hashtags

How to get the most out of social media hashtags

#OMG! Your shiny new #social media planner #loves hashtags! Is that a good thing or a bad thing for your business? Here are some research-backed tips. Social media hashtags have come of age Among the many quandaries that circle social media, one of the trickiest for businesses is the question of whether to tag or not to […]


Copywriting: Hire a pro or do it yourself?

Whether you’re launching a new startup, becoming a solopreneur, or working for a large marketing department, you’ll eventually face the question: should I hire a copywriter for my website content or do it myself? A plumbing analogy Why pay for a professional copywriter? The same reason you’d pay a plumber to fix the pipes. A professional […]


Common mistakes to avoid in e-commerce development

Global e-commerce sales for 2017 are expected to exceed last year’s total of over $1.4 trillion. Here in New Zealand, online retail is predicted to grow by 2.7% in 2017. Just as you wouldn’t go around throwing $20 notes into the air, it would be foolish to give up your slice of the online sales pie. Here are some common […]


Website Development: When websites go bad

Much like a teenager, website development is going through a bit of a phase. In a sea of “Material Design” and “Flat Design” restrictions, some businesses are bucking the trend. They’re creating websites so ugly that they’re cool. When intentionally bad design rebels against what’s popular, it can be considered ironically hip. The allure of DIY website development We […]

Facebook ads mobile

Should you buy Facebook ads to grow your website?

Social media promotion has been all the rage since its inception – but is it a successful way to spend your ad money? Should your business buy Facebook ads or invest in paid search? Generally, the answer depends on where in the sales cycle where you want to reach your customers. Facebook ads are like highly targeted […]

grow website traffic with evergreen content

How to grow website traffic with evergreen content

Gone are the days when you could grow website traffic just by repeating keywords over and over. To attract the attention of today’s savvy web surfers, you must create content that holds legitimate value for your site’s visitors – and content that can stand the test of time. What is evergreen content? Evergreen content never goes stale. It’s the kind of […]

Content Management or Blog?

Content management: How does CMS differ from a blog?

As you look to expand your business’s reach on the web, how do you decide between buying a content management system (CMS) or starting a blog? Here’s a breakdown of the biggest differences between these two popular tools. What’s good about blogs? The biggest advantage of a blog is its customisability. There’s a bit of […]

Bespoke Website Development

Is bespoke website development right for your business?

Taking on the challenge of website development for your business can seem intimidating at first. It might be tempting to dismiss bespoke web design if your boss’s hair is on fire. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus outsourcing. However, in the long run, the benefits of custom website development can be considerable. Bespoke […]

A printing press, not a Wordpress brand presence

Don’t clone your printed brand presence online

You wouldn’t drive your car into the ocean expecting to be able to sail it… so why would you attempt to use your printed brand presence on your website? Design with your brand presence for the best experience Presumably, you’ve spent some time understanding who your audiences are and what they need. If so, you know […]

Telling your brand story

Your online brand story is your most important connection

Your online brand story is more important than your offline one. Make sure you’ve done your brand justice in the place most people will experience it first. Brand story = connection If you’re unfamiliar with/confused about what your ‘brand story’ is, I’ll make it simple for you: it’s the human side of your brand. If you […]

Online advertising

The myth of ineffective online advertising

Online advertising is not a myth. It is measurable and can have a profound effect, but not ‘just like that’. Find out how to do it effectively. Advertising is still a skill Adword specialists pop up every day selling you dreams for next to nothing. But the reality is that advertising is not, has not been and […]

Balanced SEO

Creating for Google or your user – a balanced SEO approach

You understand the importance of SEO when it comes to users finding you. But once they get to your site, they should have the best experience you can give them. A balanced SEO solution is the answer. A balanced SEO diet Like all good providers of SEO services, we understand the importance of creating search engine-friendly copy, content […]

Stop thinking your site is ‘finished’ – be responsive

The days of the ‘finished’ or ‘final’ site launch are over. Now it’s all about creating a ‘user responsive’ site. Forget that formal ‘go live’ date. Plan to set ‘user responsive’ milestones instead. If you’re building a new site these days, chances are someone will try to convince you to spend up large on user experience testing as a […]

Web analytics

How to use all that web analytics

If your web analytics are still tracking users or views you are missing valuable information. Interpreting web analytics is crucial to grow your online results. Web analytics: measure, analyse, adapt and repeat When you manage a website you must have a good understanding of the effects you would like it to have. You want your accounting system […]

Social engagement

Social engagement: collecting likes is not the goal

Unless someone starts paying you for every like you have, you’re missing the big social engagement picture. Focus on converting social engagement, not collecting it First, let’s just say it out loud: social engagement isn’t meant to be a popularity contest. It’s easy to forget that fact when major social media players are trying to […]

Social media is your community

Social media is like using your community

Social media started out as a sharing network among friends and family and turned into follower hunting and advertising. But that’s not what it’s about. The power lies in ‘social’ When you have a problem you ask your friends. When they have a problem you help solve it. When you are happy you help your […]