Chatbots? To bot or not to bot.

Robot - Chatbot

Chatbots are the newest trend but what do they do for you?

With more than two billion monthly users Facebook is a great place to connect with your customers. But is this the right time to do so? When you look at the latest numbers you see that web and social media are surpassed by person to person chatting. WhatsApp, WebChat, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat… even Skype has gone that way.

That means reaching your audience has become increasingly tricky. For organisations being part of the chat ecosystem requires genuine interaction. This can be hard. So, how do these bots contribute to your business?

Chatbots best application

Chatbots are best used in several situations. A few examples are:

In transactional situations – where customers prefer to stay in their social environment rather than visiting a site or opening another app. Situations like buying tickets, ordering food or getting a status update on something they’re monitoring.

When there’s low involvement from your customer or contact is infrequent – here chatbots can takeover some of the hands-on work. Examples of this include when users are making a dentist appointment, checking the status of something, switching providers or when taking the trouble to download an app doesn’t make sense.

Providing assistance or answers to find things faster – directing customers to information, reducing call centre requirements or providing faster responses to common questions such as opening hours, standard pricing and availability are all great chatbot tasks.

Our experience with integrating legacy systems into a new solution means we are best placed to help you integrate your existing system with a chatbot functionality. We deliver chatbots that provide a one-on-one feeling for your customers. Consider if a bot can help your front of house deal with enquiries and other admin tasks. We’ll help you harness the power of chatbots. Get in touch now.