Common mistakes to avoid in e-commerce development


Global e-commerce sales for 2017 are expected to exceed last year’s total of over $1.4 trillion. Here in New Zealand, online retail is predicted to grow by 2.7% in 2017. Just as you wouldn’t go around throwing $20 notes into the air, it would be foolish to give up your slice of the online sales pie.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when developing e-commerce for your website.

Ignore the mobile e-commerce market at your peril

Whether you’re planning for responsive design or creating your own app, keep mobile customers squarely in your sights. Mobile commerce – or what some are calling “m-commerce” – will approach 45% of online sales by 2020. You’ll want to lead this trend, not follow it.

Don’t sacrifice long-term value for a quick turnaround

Short version: don’t do it yourself. Whether you’re still working out your digital strategy or considering bespoke website development, hire a professional to ensure your online sales system is accessible, scalable and adaptable.

Keep your e-commerce checkout pathway simple

About 75% of global e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned. Don’t let your online sales become a part of that statistic. Make it as easy as possible for customers to buy your goods. That means design for fewer clicks, taps, or scrolls.

Don’t skimp on security

One of the biggest risks of DIY e-commerce is decreased security of your customer’s data. Hackers make global news when they grab payment information and passwords. In some cases, an online retailer may not even notice a hack occurred until several years after the fact. Hacks erode your customer’s trust – and when they don’t trust you, they don’t buy from you.

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