Content management: How does CMS differ from a blog?

Content Management or Blog?

As you look to expand your business’s reach on the web, how do you decide between buying a content management system (CMS) or starting a blog?

Here’s a breakdown of the biggest differences between these two popular tools.

What’s good about blogs?

The biggest advantage of a blog is its customisability. There’s a bit of a learning curve but most people can get the hang of it if they have the time to invest.

However, if you’ve never managed a blog, you might not realise the amount of time maintaining it entails. You must handle the technical setup aspects as well as maintaining and promoting the content you write.

What’s good about a content management system (CMS)?

The main advantage of a CMS is that it’s pre-built for you so you can get started with it quickly. Many of the tasks associated with content promotion can be automated.

The disadvantage of going with a CMS is that it can be very restrictive in what it lets you control. You’ll have to adapt your thinking and processes to accommodate the way your particular CMS works. What’s more, you can end up paying for a lot of features you don’t even use.

How to decide between a CMS and a blog

It’s a tricky decision because technology is constantly in flux. For example, some CIOs now consider CMS to be going the way of the moa. On the other hand, the ongoing security challenges that come with blogging make it a risky choice too.

To make matters even more complex, sometimes the best choice is neitherGive us a shout and we’ll help you decide.

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