Designing for conversations is a different beast altogether. How do you apply your logo to a conversation and how do you convey your organization's identity?

Our design sprint will define just that. How it's going to look, what it's going to say and how it's going to work. The lot!

The outcome of the design sprint is a clear picture defining how things will look and work. It is the blueprint of the AI bot and as such is the starting point for the development.

  • Step 1: Define personality
    • What identity is the basis?
    • What personality fits?
  • Step 2: Onboarding
    • Where do your users come from?
    • How do we onboard them?
  • Step 3: Conversations & Golden path
    • Create ideal conversation
    • Formulate deviations
    • Actions & responses
  • Step 4: Slice user intentions
    • Define user utterances & entities
    • Set actions
    • Define bot response
  • Step 5: Design technical stack
    • Select natural language processor
    • Define bot engine stack

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