Ordering via conversations

If you give a store a call they'll happily take your order and send it to you. Achieving that using a conversation is a major achievement.

We have achieve that and you can try it right here on this website. No forms, just chatting to our conversational AI. Read about the book we wrote about this topic and order a copy of the book.

The challenges

During the creating process of our book ordering bot we overcame a significant amount of challenges. Since we are determined to create conversations and not just small websites in a chat screen window we've set a high bar for ourselves.
Driven by our core values to inspire everyone around us to challenge the status quo, invent and create new ideas and adapt to today's reality, we achieved a new level of engagement not often seen in real life.

No forms or buttons

In getting hold of data from a user we needed to collect name and address details, which we are used to putting into a form. Our determination to work without a form meant we needed to ensure the data was accurate without visual confirmation, yet fully compliant with the required purpose.

The result

The result of our efforts is one of the first fully conversational AI bots ready to go places. It works not just on our website but also via Facebook messenger and soon also by talking to it via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Our push to focus on conversational platforms as opposed to visual platforms means this experience has taught us to create artificial intelligence conversations that can go anywhere and evolve into real omnibots.

We are not passing the Turing test yet but working towards it.

Being experts in conversational AI we are keen to make your bot pass the Turing test and create memorable conversations.

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