Finding cool events

The festival season is always buzzing at Prefer and easily finding cool things to do over the weekend means the hassle of finding a website that shows what's on.

Selfish as we are, we wanted that to be a lot easier for ourselves and set out to make the data available on Facebook messenger using our brand new bot creation platform Zwerm.

The outcome

During the creation process of the EventBotNZ we established a bot that is now independently serving publicly available data about events to whoever wants to talk to it. The ability to ask it for certain types of events happening near you on dates that you want makes this the fastest way to get relevant events around where you are.

See for yourself

And unselfishly this is available to all. You can talk to the Event Bot on its Facebook page, via Facebook Messenger or have a chat where the Event Bot lives on the web.

Being experts in conversational AI we are keen to make your bot pass the Turing test and create memorable conversations.

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