A good starting point

Conversational Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing and it finds its ways into our daily life seamlessly. But how do you get started and get results that can grow? Where do you find the opportunity to make your life easier and increase customer engagement?

The short answer to that is by experimenting. All you need to do is to translate your idea to an experiment.

Our feasibility workshop is a good starting point to identify and plan your first experiment. It's simple, fun and the first step on this exciting journey.

We help you transform your idea into an experiment by facilitating a workshop. During this workshop we get you familiar with conversational AI and convert your ideas into an experiment. After the workshop you get a project plan with a clear experiment. This plan with all the outcomes of the workshop is the starting point for your company’s conversational AI strategy.

  • Step 1: Set an objective
    • Brainstorm ideas and sketch opportunities
    • Formulate hypothesis
    • Determine key performance objective
  • Step 2: Explore solutions
    • Identify use-cases.
    • Determine best suitable channels.
  • Step 3: Sketch user intentions
    • Sketch users intentions
    • Investigate data sources
    • Assess feasability
  • Step 4: Set expectations
    • Understanding & Answering
    • Error handling & navigation
    • Intelligence
  • Step 5: Explore budget
    • Define KPI in terms of benefit
    • Set cost expectations

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