Whenever you embark on a project, certainly one as new as conversational AI, it is important to define your required outcomes.

Our scoping is the best way to gather required outcomes and to design towards that. It's a fun and valuable next step on this exciting journey.

We help you transform your concept into a executable outcome project scope by defining the expected outcomes. During this process we establish the exact boundaries and define the expected outcomes. After this phase you have a clear project scope. This plan is the starting point for your company’s conversational AI execution.

  • Step 1: Describe users, intentions and channels
    • Who are we talking to?
    • Where are we talking to them?
    • What do the users want to do?
  • Step 2: Define user intentions
    • Data and logic requirements
    • Storage and API location
    • Security requirements
  • Step 3: Define expectations
    • Understanding & Answering
    • Error handling & navigation
    • Intelligence
  • Step 4: Inclusion and exclusion
    • What is in?
    • What is out?
  • Step 5: Set budget
    • Set cost expectations
    • Define timelines

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