A digital strategy, what is that about?

Digital strategy

A digital strategy seems to be the most relevant thing to have these days. Companies talking about it, agencies selling it, advisers suggesting it and investors looking for it. So if it’s so important what’s it all about?

Digital strategy = identifying opportunities

A digital strategy is a plan to use digital channels to engage with your audience. There are several ways to look at using digital for any organisation. The most important thing is to identify your customers and how they use digital channels. Secondly, identify how they engage with your organisation and what your strengths are in that engagement. A digital strategy identifies the overlap between your strengths and your clients digital usage. It also identifies ways to improve your engagement using those digital channels, then it highlights the specific channels (e.g. facebook, website, mobile app) and explains the value of each to your business.

The benefit of having a digital strategy is knowing what to focus on, knowing which new things to address and which to ignore is often hard. A digital strategy will give you the confidence to address your clients needs the right way.

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