Educating a nation on AI

Lots of things are happening with regards to AI in the world. Most countries want to be acknowledged as a leader in the field by 20 something. How to achieve that? One country is taking a bold move by trying to educate the population on AI. 

In The Netherlands, the National AI Course aims to educate everyone because “AI is essential, now and in the future”. Spread over 12 tracks people are being trained on AI, it’s impact and the possibilities.  

The tracks ranging from 15 to 45 minutes covering not only the general understanding of AI but also raises questions such as “How should the government deal with AI?” and “The future of work”. All to make the impact and application of AI more common knowledge. 

Junior version acknowledges the importance of future generations

Recently this course was augmented with a junior version for kids in the age of 8 – 14 years. Shorter and simplified it helps kids understand some very complex concepts. 

The junior course comes complete with teacher support material. This enables all schools to teach AI to the generation that will bear the brunt if we don’t do it right.  

AI education in New Zealand

As a nation, how do we educate ourselves on artificial intelligence?