Fresh techniques for growing your email list

email list building

Conventional wisdom from online business experts is that your email list is your most important sales tool. But what if you’re stuck with a low subscriber count? How do you go about growing your email list? Here’s our roundup of some great techniques with evidence behind them.

Update or repurpose your most popular content

If your content is over a year old, it probably isn’t optimized for Google’s recent algorithm changes. You can boost your search ranking by simply:

  • adding images and headlines,
  • breaking up long posts into shorter ones, and
  • removing or updating any references older than a year.

These changes will boost visits for your site’s best content. And more visits equals more email list subscribers. An added benefit is after updating them, your posted date becomes more recent, too.

Add an email list opt-in page

It seems obvious, but sometimes people overlook the simplest email list building technique. Simply adding a sidebar (or top-bar/bottom-bar) form to opt-in to your email list can go a long way towards getting more subscribers. If your website’s theme won’t support a sidebar, consider adding a footer or a top menu item that lands on a page specifically designed to capture email addresses.

Create a lead magnet or a survey

Now that you’ve gotten your opt-in form set up, you should sweeten the deal by offering a lead magnet or a survey.

  • Lead magnets are items that provide valuable content for free in exchange for signing up for your email list. The key is to figure out what information your prospective customers are really dying to know and then give it to them. You’ve likely signed up for free lead magnets yourself so you know the forms they often take: ebooks, videos, courses, and sometimes consultations.
  • Surveys are another popular option. Make it short – no more than 5 questions. After a prospect has filled out their responses, give them the results so they can compare their answers to how their peers responded.

Focus on the freshest list-building techniques

One way to get bad advice about list building (or anything else) is to do some bad Googling. Over the years, Google has significantly altered its SEO scoring – and will probably continue to do so. So you shouldn’t rely on stale advice. An easy way to ensure that you only get the freshest information about email list growth is to limit your Google search to articles published in the last year.

Here’s how:

  1. Do your Google search normally.
  2. On the results page, look at the menu options right underneath the search box and click Tools.
  3. A little submenu will appear. Click the drop-down labeled Any time.
  4. Choose Past year.

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