Using engaging content to activate the user

Engaging content

Engaging content, call to actions and social activation. The web revolves around user activation and the right content does exactly that.

Ready… set…. GO!

If you want people to act you need to get in their mindset. You have to create content that relates to them. It is not enough to look at things from your perspective. Engaging content is hardly ever content that is focused on you. It is focused on the benefit to the reader, the end user. And when it is, it’s a powerful tool.

In the same way that “Ready…set…GO!” are the magic words for a runner at the starting line to give it all they have, you can creat content the has the same effect on people reading your message. That doesn’t mean copying your content from your brochure or from your old website. That means talking to your best customers and identifying what it is that makes them GO!

The benefit of engaging content is as big as the benefit you can get from more traffic, or better user flow. So if you are serious about getting results from your online presence make sure you pay attention to content as much as anything else.

Creating engaging content is worth it! And it that isn’t true, you would not have read this.