Free domain names, good eh?

free domain names

Having a domain name seems easy. After all domain names are “free”. But when your domain name changes are done wrong you have serious business interruption.

Domain names are keys to your store

On the internet domain names are the key to your store. They make sure your users can find you on the web and that email and voip phone conversations reach your office. They also service the trusted connections between you and your users. But this is often discovered the hard way when you run into issues. Domain name settings often grow naturally.

You have your website developed and somewhere along the process the developer asked you to send “this” to “someone” to get the site up. You have complied and everything works out fine.

Next you have a new VOIP system installed and somewhere along the process the phone company asked you to send “this” to “someone” to get the system up. You comply and everything works out fine.

And when you get a new cloud system set up somewhere along the process the consultant asks you to send “this” to “someone” to get it all set up. You comply and everything falls apart. You have no more website and your phone lines are dead. But you have a new cloud system!

What happened is that during the course of several projects the domain name transferred, got added onto and was not within anyone’s specific control. So now you’re left with a problem and no one knows how to resolve it. On top of that fixes made can take up to 48 hours to process.

Keep in mind that domain names are not only used to point things across the internet. They are also ways to build up a trusted connection between your user and your systems. Forgetting to manage that is like leaving the key under the stone. Probably not the safest thing to do.

Proper domain management isn’t hard. It’s making sure you know the person responsible actually knows what they are doing and takes it seriously.