Good strategy: scattershot or targeting makes a difference.

Good strategy

You may have an established brand, but without good strategy targeted to your audience your offer may be missed by your most valuable clients.

You can’t be all things to all people. And if you have a good strategy, you shouldn’t try.

You’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and (no doubt) countless tears into building a viable and solid brand presence. But without a clear strategy for how to reach your most valuable client-base, you risk putting all that effort to waste. This is where seriously good strategy will separate the amateurs from the focused professionals.

Good strategy basics should include taking some time to understand the specific audience for your offer(s). Which channels are the best ways to reach them? What tone or language will they respond to best? What motivates them? How can your communication channels work with their interests and not just your own? But the more seasoned brand strategists ask more important questions. What is the desired outcome of your strategy and how will you measure, learn from and adapt to it?

Insight and effort in building a strategy for your audience includes having an understanding of how it can evolve and respond to your audience needs. It also means the time and effort you spend developing it can be the best investment you ever make in your brand. Ask us how we can help you build an adaptable strategy for your brand.

(Photo by Lee Dyer)