Good UX isn’t just wireframes & page flow

Good UX

Personas and target audience identifiers. User flow and eye movement tracking. Usability, wireframes, interactive prototyping… is it all just jargon? Well, no. There’s value in investigating UX approaches. If you do all of that will you ensure good UX? Probably not.

A recipe for good UX

Certainly, good UX can be valuably informed by user testing. Anticipating user needs and including that insight at the start is an important and responsible step in web design. But if you rely solely on sterile testing environments and wireframes to deliver the ‘Good UX’ trophy, you’re compromising the equity you’ve built in your brand presence (or future presence).

Most significantly, your site’s overall look and feel is an essential part of achieving a good user experience. Creating a great look and feel isn’t just an exercise in consistent branding (although that’s important), but it’s also about the user actually enjoying their experience on your site. What kind of impression does your site make on your user? Will they take with them an experience that they’ll remember? Have you given them an idea of who you are, what makes you unique? Will your users be inspired to interact with you on social media as a result?

Put those questions to the test and see how your site performs. And don’t be afraid to jump in and change it up — your site should be a living thing, adapting and growing based on how your users respond. Really good UX relies on being responsive to that feedback — whether it’s day one, or day 1,000.

If you suspect your site may need some UX resuscitation, ask us how we can help you bring it back to life.