Product or service — which do you Prefer?

Service is paramount

It’s often thought that the only way to create real value is by creating good products. But there are plenty of situations in which it makes perfect sense to develop a service business.

Service as a business is a very valid option

Services can build the bridge between a product and a business. There are plenty of great products out there that can only be used after proper implementation. Think about machinery which needs installation, configuration and training but also software. Being the specialists that help and service organisations who want to use a product is still a viable business model. ‘Pure services’ like consulting, system integration, reselling, customer support, outsourcing, etc. are all good businesses. The scalability might not be at the Google level but the overall appreciation of clients is very high.

So why this an insight into service businesses? Because we are one — one that has customer preference embedded in the brand. And that’s for a good reason: because we like to help, to assist and to see our clients grow. We are not just trying to chuck out a ‘product’ for you and leave you to it. We care about your result.

If you need some support and assistance that is exactly what we do. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily provide some valuable service for you, too.