Prefer is proud to be one of the founding companies to create Hoppon, an agency-level website creation tool unlike any you’ve seen before.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“Oh I have a website. I just haven’t updated it in, like, a year.”

“Ugh. I’ve given up on our website. Nobody knows how it works and no one wants to deal with the mess.”

“We used to have a great site that the boss’ nephew made for us. But he’s gone on his OE and it’s not working now, so we can’t really do anything with it.”

If your site was built on Hoppon, owning and managing your full-featured website would be easier than ever.

Hoppon deals with all the issues above and more, providing an open source, fully managed, quality-guaranteed website with a broad spectrum of functionalities based on the world’s leading CMS, WordPress.

For agencies, that means you can choose or adjust styles and design elements to your heart’s content. But it’s not just the design. You can also add news, get newsletter signups, manage a media library, add and change your pages and your menu. And it’s all built to be responsive – a great user experience on any device.

Hoppon lets you add testimonials, set up a lead campaign, and link to Facebook for result tracking. You can collect data with user-created and managed forms and trust that they’re spam-protected. Why not add a newsletter using the newsletter giant, Mailchimp, manage your organisation’s memberships online, or stun your visitors with gorgeous visual sliders? The possibilities are almost endless.

But we’ve saved the best for last… using Hoppon, you can also get access to the integrated Marketplace – a space where industry experts make themselves available to lend a hand or premium service that will put the last finishing touches on your amazing new site. It’s a growing resource, but soon you’ll have access to copywriters, designers, plugin developers, photographers, video gurus and more. No need to wrack your brain about who to go to for help. You’ll find that from within Hoppon itself.