How to go from idea to valuable service

Service design

Having an idea isn’t worth anything. Executing it into a valuable service turns it into gold. Service design is a method of designing the whole experience.

Design the entire service

Innovating services is as old as the economy itself. Every organisation thinks seriously about improving the quality of its service at some point. Whether you have a product you sell or a service, the service component is probably the most important. New thinking (based on old concepts) focuses on the entire customer journey and the customer’s drivers to buy. The service design method starts from the needs and requirements of users and then looks for solutions with those users and other stakeholders. The concepts are created using low-tech solutions like sketches, photos, drawings and models and systematically reviewed with the users.

But it is not just about working with post-it notes. When you’re really designing the entire service experience you can validate your ideas in the market using low tech tools, scope the size of your engagement, plan for the execution steps and monitor the outcomes more clearly. A clearly designed service gives you the ability to learn from specific elements and adapt your idea to the market. That is how you turn an idea into a valuable service.

Service design brings together consumer research, interaction design, product design, service marketing and corporate strategy. In short, it brings ideas to life!