How to use all that web analytics

Web analytics

If your web analytics are still tracking users or views you are missing valuable information. Interpreting web analytics is crucial to grow your online results.

Web analytics: measure, analyse, adapt and repeat

When you manage a website you must have a good understanding of the effects you would like it to have. You want your accounting system to simplify compliance and decrease compliance cost just like you want your email system to simplify and increase communication. What do you want from your online presence?

If you know what you’re after (for example more sales or more phone calls) the numbers you find in your web analytics provide you a good way to identify areas of improvement. These numbers are just numbers until you glean information from them. You might find out that users can’t seem to find your phone number or your bounce rate is too high. Those are both signals that there’s something wrong.

Having an expert identify these things and offer improvements can be a great benefit to your bottom line. Imagine the amazing difference if you could identify why people don’t buy when they visit your site and you were able to change that.

It’s not just a gut feeling, the numbers have to add up!