Map your customer’s purchase path to grow your business

Growing your business means knowing your customer’s purchase path. Mapping each micro-step towards buying is critical for effective lead nurturing. “Who” vs. “How” You probably know exactly who your customers are – their demographics and the competitors they consider. You might also know some “psychographics” about them – e.g., they have 1,000+ employees… Read More

How to get the most out of social media hashtags

#OMG! Your shiny new #social media planner #loves hashtags! Is that a good thing or a bad thing for your business? Here are some research-backed tips. Social media hashtags have come of age Among the many quandaries that circle social media, one of the trickiest for businesses is the question of whether… Read More

Copywriting: Hire a pro or do it yourself?

Whether you’re launching a new startup, becoming a solopreneur, or working for a large marketing department, you’ll eventually face the question: should I hire a copywriter for my website content or do it myself? A plumbing analogy Why pay for a professional copywriter? The same reason you’d pay a plumber to… Read More

Common mistakes to avoid in e-commerce development

Global e-commerce sales for 2017 are expected to exceed last year’s total of over $1.4 trillion. Here in New Zealand, online retail is predicted to grow by 2.7% in 2017. Just as you wouldn’t go around throwing $20 notes into the air, it would be foolish to give up your slice of… Read More

Website Development: When websites go bad

Much like a teenager, website development is going through a bit of a phase. In a sea of “Material Design” and “Flat Design” restrictions, some businesses are bucking the trend. They’re creating websites so ugly that they’re cool. When intentionally bad design rebels against what’s popular, it can be considered ironically hip. The… Read More

Application Design: Does your business need an app?

Many of our customers ask us about application design. Choosing between developing a custom app vs. designing a responsive mobile website is a bit like trying to choose the right tools for a home improvement project. You won’t get anywhere using a paintbrush to pound nails into plywood. Likewise, a hammer won’t fix the plumbing. Read More

Branding: What’s the difference between a logo and a brand?

Most people use the words “logo” and “branding” interchangeably. However, for designers, the difference is significant – and both can have a big impact on your business. Branding is the big idea The simplest difference between a brand and a logo comes down to this: a logo is a literal image –… Read More

Startup Strategy: Why New Zealand is a startup’s dream come true

If your startup is headquartered in New Zealand, then your business strategy is already on the the right track. That’s because being located “down under” has started to mean that you’re already “on top.” Kiwi businesses are booming According to analytical firm CB Data, tech investments in New Zealand and Australia based startups are now eight… Read More

Should you buy Facebook ads to grow your website?

Social media promotion has been all the rage since its inception – but is it a successful way to spend your ad money? Should your business buy Facebook ads or invest in paid search? Generally, the answer depends on where in the sales cycle where you want to reach your customers. Facebook… Read More

How to grow website traffic with evergreen content

Gone are the days when you could grow website traffic just by repeating keywords over and over. To attract the attention of today’s savvy web surfers, you must create content that holds legitimate value for your site’s visitors – and content that can stand the test of time. What is evergreen content? Evergreen content… Read More