An offer for an SEO audit shows my site isn’t good. Is that for real?

So you’ve had an offer from someone who has offered to do an SEO audit on your site. That audit, they say, will provide valuable and meaningful insight into your business and customers and promises to be a ‘game changer’. Should you be skeptical? Yes. First,… Read More

Why you shouldn’t skip market validation for a new product

You’ve come up with an awesome business idea and you’re ready to hit the market with it. Cheers, mate, good on ya! But wait – are you sure there’s a group of people who want your product/service? Just having a great idea isn’t enough. You need to find out if the people… Read More

Fresh techniques for growing your email list

Conventional wisdom from online business experts is that your email list is your most important sales tool. But what if you’re stuck with a low subscriber count? How do you go about growing your email list? Here’s our roundup of some great techniques with evidence behind them. Update or repurpose your most… Read More

Prefer strives for workplace diversity – come work for us!

Most New Zealand employees (58%) would like to see more diversity in their coworkers. At Prefer, we’ve always been committed to modeling business best practices – and workplace diversity is no different. Workplace diversity is good for business Many studies have shown that workforce diversity improves almost every aspect of… Read More

Cheers to Nick Servian, Winner of International Color Awards!

Congratulations to one of our partners, New Zealand photographer Nick Servian! The International Color Awards nominated 10 of his outstanding photos, including two Honorable Mention awards. Servian’s award-winning photos Nick was presented with Honorable Mention awards during a live-streamed Photoshow on 4 March 2017. Check out these two award-winning beauties!… Read More

What is API and what can it do for your business?

What is API? You see it in tech headlines but unless you’re a developer there’s a good chance you don’t know how API integrations could enhance your business. Here’s what you need to know. API stands for application program interface. APIs are pieces of code used as shortcuts that allow programs to… Read More

Artificial intelligence branding: The future of advertising

IBM’s Watson and other artificial intelligences (AIs) can now mimic the personality of someone long dead or invent new episodes of old sitcoms. How will artificial intelligence impact branding in the future? AI everywhere AI seems to be seeping into our daily lives now – with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. They stand… Read More

Accessible Web Design: Don’t forget customers with disabilities

According to a recent government study, almost a quarter of New Zealanders are disabled – that’s about 1.1 million people. About half a million Kiwis have hearing, vision, problems or motor impairments. That means accessible web design critical. Is your website friendly to these potential customers? What is accessible web design? We’ve discussed why … Read More

Creating a content strategy that adds value for your customers

The days of clickbait are long gone. To get noticed today, your business must create content that adds value for your customer. Here’s what that means for your content strategy. What is content strategy? Content strategy is about providing the right content, to the right people, at the right times – for… Read More

Map your customer’s purchase path to grow your business

Growing your business means knowing your customer’s purchase path. Mapping each micro-step towards buying is critical for effective lead nurturing. “Who” vs. “How” You probably know exactly who your customers are – their demographics and the competitors they consider. You might also know some “psychographics” about them – e.g., they have 1,000+ employees… Read More