Best website … 5 secrets

The best websites have more secrets than you think. It looks good, therefore it must be good. However there is more going on beneath the bonnet then you think. We’ve collated this list of things to consider when looking for a strong online presence. You cannot “see” user experience. It… Read More

Chatbots? To bot or not to bot.

Chatbots are the newest trend but what do they do for you? With more than two billion monthly users Facebook is a great place to connect with your customers. But is this the right time to do so? When you look at the latest numbers you see that web and… Read More

5 steps to a super development partnership

Have you ever worked with a developer (or you developers, with a client) and wondered, “Why is this so hard?” We’re willing to bet you have. It happens more than we’d like. Whatever side of the supply chain you’re on, hopefully these five steps will help put you on path… Read More

Sliders, 5 reasons why not to use them

We have a lot of discussions with clients about how to make home pages look beautiful and engaging, provide memorable user experiences. Often the suggestion is to showcase as much gorgeous imagery as possible. The solution, you’re probably thinking, is obvious… add sliders or carousels! But alas, you may need… Read More

The expert

Sometimes the interwebs creates little gems which are all too familiar. Some are parodies others are painfully close to the truth. In either case they do make us laugh. The Expert is one by Lauris Beinerts after an original short story “The Meeting” (in Russian). Read More


Prefer is proud to be one of the founding companies to create Hoppon, an agency-level website creation tool unlike any you’ve seen before. Do any of these statements sound familiar? “Oh I have a website. I just haven’t updated it in, like, a year.” “Ugh. I’ve given up on our… Read More

Association of Salaried Medical Specialists

We started working with the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) when they transferred their site to us from a different provider. The organisation provides news, services, advice and resources for medical professionals in New Zealand. One major service provided by the site is a job listing portal of employment… Read More

An SEO audit offer says my site isn’t good. Is it true?

So you’ve had an offer from someone who has offered to do an SEO audit on your site. That audit, they say, will provide valuable and meaningful insight into your business and customers and promises to be a ‘game changer’. Should you be skeptical? Yes. First,… Read More

Why you shouldn’t skip market validation for a new product

You’ve come up with an awesome business idea and you’re ready to hit the market with it. Cheers, mate, good on ya! But wait – are you sure there’s a group of people who want your product/service? Just having a great idea isn’t enough. You need to find out if the people… Read More

Fresh techniques for growing your email list

Conventional wisdom from online business experts is that your email list is your most important sales tool. But what if you’re stuck with a low subscriber count? How do you go about growing your email list? Here’s our roundup of some great techniques with evidence behind them. Update or repurpose your most… Read More