Voice assistant to pack your suitcase

The Dutch Airline KLM launched a smart voice assistant that helps passengers pack their suitcase using Google Home. It is a way to find out how customers engage voice-controlled systems not necessarily a core part of their business. If you have a Google Home or Google… Read More

Voice commerce is still in its infancy?

Amazon sold many smart Echo Dot speakers on Cyber Monday as reported proudly. We do not hear much about the services provided though. Echo Dot sold particularly well because the product was sharply discounted, to around US$30 (NZ$43). With Echo Dot you can select music using your voice, request information and… Read More


We were asked to partner with a PR firm to provide our insight, design and development expertise to create a new, full featured design for Turk’s – one of New Zealand’s premium chicken brands. To coincide with their shift to certified free-range farming, the task was to update their online… Read More

Are you Amazon Alexa ready?

With the imminent arrival of the first home assistant in New Zealand early 2018, the launch of Amazon shopping services to these shores and the expected rapid release of Google’s offering following Amazon the question whether your organisation is ready for this is getting very relevant. The home assistants… Read More

Managing Your First AI Bot

You have heard about artificial intelligence and bots and are looking to see if one would be helpful for your organisation? Our afternoon seminar helps you get started with the journey. Working with a bot for your organisation is an exciting journey. A journey that takes you into new and… Read More

Best website … 5 secrets

The best websites have more secrets than you think. It looks good, therefore it must be good. However there is more going on beneath the bonnet then you think. We’ve collated this list of things to consider when looking for a strong online presence. You cannot “see” user experience. It… Read More

Chatbots? To bot or not to bot.

Chatbots are the newest trend but what do they do for you? With more than two billion monthly users Facebook is a great place to connect with your customers. But is this the right time to do so? When you look at the latest numbers you see that web and… Read More

5 steps to a super development partnership

Have you ever worked with a developer (or you developers, with a client) and wondered, “Why is this so hard?” We’re willing to bet you have. It happens more than we’d like. Whatever side of the supply chain you’re on, hopefully these five steps will help put you on path… Read More

Sliders, 5 reasons why not to use them

We have a lot of discussions with clients about how to make home pages look beautiful and engaging, provide memorable user experiences. Often the suggestion is to showcase as much gorgeous imagery as possible. The solution, you’re probably thinking, is obvious… add sliders or carousels! But alas, you may need… Read More

The expert

Sometimes the interwebs creates little gems which are all too familiar. Some are parodies others are painfully close to the truth. In either case they do make us laugh. The Expert is one by Lauris Beinerts after an original short story “The Meeting” (in Russian). Read More