Introducing the Bot Development Canvas: a new framework

Creating a bot can be a tiresome process, often not leading to your desired outcomes. More often than not, this is due to improper planning and implementation. To help overcome this, Prefer has come up with a framework to help you develop a plan so that you can make your bot the best it can be. This is the Bot Development Canvas.

What does the framework do?

First and foremost, the framework seeks to help you and your business effectively plan and implement your new chatbot service. The Bot Development Canvas is made up of a series of boxes, each having their own unique goal. These range from identifying your customer and how they might use the chatbot, to how you expect the bot to function and what results it might bring.

The purpose is to get a detailed plan down and to think about all aspects of the implementation and usage process. Then, you will be able to feel confident in the next steps of your bot development.

Finally, after the canvas is completed, you and/or your company will be in good stead to get started. You will have everything you need to develop, implement and successfully use a bot in your company.

You can download a copy of the bot development canvas here.

If you’re having trouble filling out the canvas, see our step by step guide, or feel free to email us at