Last use case: BDC in designing a bot for a retail business

Here we have the last example of our bot development canvas in practice. This example surrounds how you can develop a bot for your retail business.

Designing a bot, in general, can be an overwhelming process. You may even see it as an unattainable outcome for your company. However, it’s all in the way you implement it. Once you break it down, it becomes simple. The best way to do this is by using a bot development canvas. You can then successfully plan and implement a bot for your business, which explicitly making sure that it will work well for your target customers.

How will a bot work for your retail business?

Easy. However, you want it to. By using the bot development canvas you can easily and efficiently develop a bot that will work with both your business and customers. Say you are trying to target to two different people. A man who hates going the shop but loves the outdoors and has a very specific taste in apparel. The second a working mum with no time to go to the store but loves to be active when she gets the time. Both are avid smartphone users and have little time or desire to go into town. You can then develop your bot to have a vast amount of product details and choose products based on customer’s needs and then order the right product for your customers.

You will also plan budgets and objectives, and if anything isn’t working as you wished it would, no worries. Back to the drawing board. Or in this case, the bot development canvas. By having everything methodically in one place, it will be much easier to identify what went wrong and hence find areas of improvement in both the bot and the implementation plan.

Where do I start?

Right here, right now. You can download a copy of the development canvas here. Improve your business productivity and manage all aspects from a single comprehensive development platform. And for more direct help, see our step by step BDC guide, or see details for our upcoming event here.

Download a copy of the worked example here