Managing Bot Proliferation

Having an AI bot is the new and trendy thing these days. Organisations all over the world are deploying one or even multiple bots. And that is also when their problems start.

You start losing data from day one.

When you start with a simple bot built on an existing platform, you can quickly test concepts and learn from that experience. That obviously is a big win as the cost of experiments is low. The downside is, however, that you are losing control over your data. Where is it going while you experiment with your bots? A couple of months into it, and several iterations later, who has the most data on your customer’s engagement, you or your service provider?

You don’t get the synergy AI requires.

Besides the loss of your most valuable data, using multiple independent providers for your bot intelligence means they cannot compliment each other creating a synergetic bot force. Even if the data is available, it is often in multiple proprietary formats which do not allow for easy integration. That in return suppresses your ability to create synergy between your bots.

Organisations need a bot proliferation policy.

When experimenting with new technology, it is exciting to jump on the bandwagon and be wowed by the opportunities. However further down the track, you might want to be able to continue the trajectory and not have new technical debt. Creating policies around that especially when it comes to bot technology makes perfect sense. Don’t wait until it is too late.