Market validation, is your strategy any good?

Market validation

Having a plan is one thing, having the right plan is something else completely. Ensure you start running in the right direction by validating your strategy. Market validation shows the strength of your plans.

A strategy is only as good as its evidence

When you create a strategy you do your research. You draw, plot, sketch, calculate and model ideas based on information. That should make sense when you create the strategy and support the ideas on which the strategy is based. But that alone isn’t enough to execute. Going out to your audience and asking for feedback on your strategy will provide you a quick insight of how good it actually is. Asking those questions can be hard, but it’s extremely important. Getting validation from your market will improve the strategy and avoid the obvious (and not so obvious) pitfalls.

Testing a strategy does not have to be complicated though. And we can help. We’d be happy to have a chat and get you sorted.