NZ Post Annual Report

NZ Post

For their 2015 annual report, New Zealand Post was keen to be at the forefront in digital annual reporting. NZ Post’s annual report design agency approached Prefer to help with the creation of the online design. To keep with statutory reporting guidelines, we also needed to ensure that the printed version and the online version of the report would be perfectly in sync.

It was important to NZ Post that a beautiful printed result could be achieved to match the online design without the many pitfalls that occur when printing from online sources. To solve this problem, Prefer developed a plugin that would work with the online content of the report to generate a bespoke design for the printed version. That printed version could then be generated as a high-resolution, print-ready file sent directly to an offset printing house to create the final report ready for tabling in Parliament.

The result for NZ Post is a beautiful, interactive online annual report and a printed report with a bespoke design generated from the same data.