Prefer presents on conversational AI at MOH Health Tech Hui

Prefer was invited to present at the MOH as part of an emerging technology initiative called Health Tech Hui.

An engaged audience from a cross section of functions were treated to 3 presentations:

  • Prefer: Conversational AI applications in healthcare
  • Intela AI: An introduction to AI and applications in healthcare
  • Volpara: Combining image processing with Machine Learning in medical imaging

Besides it being an overview of world leading AI applications being developed right here in New Zealand all three speakers also highlighted on some of the trends we see offshore.

Questions and discussion covered a range of interesting topics; applicable to most industries:

How much data is needed to build a useful model?

The gist of the answer to that is less than you think and very much depending on the type of data you are after. This typically also is a question best answered by data scientists in the course of a project.

How does an agency like the MOH get started on AI?

A fair and honest answer to that is probably to start with a project to see what the outcomes are. Learning whilst doing. Starting with a simple feasibility study that leads to an initial look at what can be done with AI and to find out what is available.

What is the impact of privacy laws on delivering AI results?

This question was not just asked but also answered by the room. There are privacy concerns in general not specific to AI. Making that a hurdle to innovate in AI does not contribute and will delay progress in the field.

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