Copywriting: Hire a pro or do it yourself?


Whether you’re launching a new startup, becoming a solopreneur, or working for a large marketing department, you’ll eventually face the question: should I hire a copywriter for my website content or do it myself?

A plumbing analogy

Why pay for a professional copywriter? The same reason you’d pay a plumber to fix the pipes. A professional plumber has the expertise to diagnose and fix the problem. Then, he efficiently takes care of the mess. (Of course, there are fewer bad aromas with copywriting. Probably.)

Everyday aspects of your business force you to decide how to spend your time in order to get the best payoff.  For some projects, yes, doing it cheaper yourself is a fine choice. But the ongoing question you must ask is: will DIY copywriting will save you time, frustration, and money in the long run?

Copywriting isn’t just typing

Copywriting is hard-won skill. It demands creating highly targeted, persuasive, relatable, and clear content that encourages your potential customers to take the next step towards you in the sales process.

Let’s look at each of these terms by itself.

Highly targeted

These days SEO is a complicated beast. Getting up to speed on search ranking and keeping up with the latest changes can be a full time job in itself. The learning curve is steep and if your time is money, it may be better spent elsewhere.


Although you may understand your product’s benefits and features, you may not be able to write about them persuasively. Pro copywriters have years of experience in figuring out the best ways to present a persuasive argument.


You may not be able to write content that’s engaging to your target audience. Even if you can communicate persuasively, it won’t matter if you’re targeting young people while writing from a mid-life point of view.

Professional writers are skilled at putting themselves in a reader’s head (and shoes) to find out what makes them tick – and come out the other side speaking their language.


Let’s face facts. You may not be able to write as well as you think you do. But getting high marks in school is insufficient to predict your skill at writing good copy. Clarity is paramount, but so is readability. Pro copywriters can create clear content that’s easy to read without dumbing it down.

At Prefer, we practice what we preach

Your first thought upon seeing this blog post might have been: of course they’ll recommend a professional copywriter because they’ll make money off the suggestion!

But hold up there. Guess what? We hire professional copywriters too. Maybe even for this post.

Give us a shout and we’ll help you get some dazzling website copy too!