Are you Amazon Alexa ready?

With the imminent arrival of the first home assistant in New Zealand early 2018, the launch of Amazon shopping services to these shores and the expected rapid release of Google’s offering following Amazon the question whether your organisation is ready for this is getting very relevant.

The home assistants often used are Amazon Alexa and Google Home. In the US, and selected countries in the EU they changed the landscape. People engage with organisations via voice to machines alone. No more calls, no more web applications no more apps to install.

Having lived with both Alexa and Google Home I can attest to the fact that they significantly alter how you interact with the world around you. For one thing coming home never feels alone. After opening the door and asking Alexa to turn on the lights she greets me. Sure, programmed but it still feels nice.

I ask her “What’s for dinner?” and she recommends a pasta for today. As I rummage through the fridge to get everything together I ask Alexa to put on the shopping list what I am missing. Whilst doing so I casually ask her to play some music. I walk out the door to get my shopping done and ask Alexa to vacuum the kitchen. She fires off the Roomba. It is clear that today’s reality in a connected home is not that far from the Jetsons.

Alexa Skill

But how do I engage with your organisation via Alexa or Google home? For Alexa you would need an Alexa skill. A specific application that will allow your users to engage with your organisation whilst talking to Alexa.

We are here to help you set foot in this interesting and open network of voice controlled engagement with your organisation. For starters join us on the 12th of December for a short seminar on how to manage your first AI Bot.