How recruitment chatbots are changing hiring

Companies are becoming more and more innovative with how they use chatbots. One use that is growing increasingly popular is the use of a recruitment chatbot.

Recruitment bots can help your company

The artificial intelligent recruitment chatbot can assist with the time-consuming aspects of the hiring process for organisations, to maximise productivity.

A recruitment chatbot can be helpful with several somewhat tedious tasks of collecting necessary information on candidates. This process can include CVs and work experience, scheduling interviews with human recruiters, asking screening questions, answering FAQs, as well as ranking potential employees by qualifications and work experience.

How recruitment bots can help you get a job

This development is not only a useful development for companies, but also for the potential candidates. On average, recruitment workers ignore or overlook 65% of applications, just by the sheer amount of them. A chatbot can do what a human doesn’t have the capacity to do. Bots can collect and distribute all types of information in real time, and work simultaneously over thousands of candidates to narrow down the pool to the suitable ones.

Although chatbots cannot be a replacement for humans, they are a perfect compliment. In this case, a human can spend more time making relationships and connections with qualified candidates, instead of wasting their time sifting through a daunting pile of CVs and cover letters.

Recruitment chatbot in action

Google has already dove into the realm of recruitment bots, with what you might know as Cloud Talent Solution. It supports ‘talent acquisition technology’ and evolves with you and your company’s growing needs. Google’s AI solution offers features for both employers and employees, such as commute search and profile search to make it easier for people to hire, and be hired.

Recruitment chatbots are changing the way we hire candidates and help both sides of the screen meet their employment goals.